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CHBEXXX: Chemical Processes in Beer Brewing

The course will cover chemical engineering principles and chemical processes involved in the brewing and quality control of beer. Topics will include extraction and isomerization of bittering compounds from hops, enzymatic reactions involved in mashing beer, colloidal chemistry of haze formation, and microbiology of yeast and fermentation. Quantitative models will be applied to these processes based on fundamental chemical engineering principles from reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and colloid and interfacial science.

CHBE470/ENCH648f: Colloid and Interface Science

Introduction to colloidal systems and interfacial science. Topics include preparation, stability and coagulation kinetics of colloidal suspensions. DLVO theory, electrokinetic phenomena, colloidal aggregation, interfacial phenomena, double layer theory, surface chemistry. Discussion of interfacial thermodynamics and interfacial forces for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid interfaces. Fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrophilic colloid self-assembly and crystallization processes. Applications to nanomaterial synthesis, nanomaterial and polymer self-assembly, protein-protein interactions, and protein aggregation will be discussed.

CHBE101: Introduction to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Introduction to methods of chemical engineering calculations and analysis, including units, dimensionality, data analysis and fitting. Engineering topics include stoichiometric relations, material and energy balances, and phase equilibria of gases, vapors, and liquids. Analysis of single unit and complex multiunit processes are covered with (reactive) material and energy balances.

CHBE302: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Thermodynamics II

Contemporary trends in chemical engineering thermodynamics that bridge the gap between fundamentals and applications. Thermodynamic analysis of non-ideal and structured systems; such as complex fluids, strongly fluctuating and nanoscale systems, dissipative systems, biosystems, and systems under extreme conditions.

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